The All-American


HOLD IT, Time-Keeper! I’ll have to see your O.P.A. Bank-Robbery coupon book! Rationing, you know!”

Status: Disputed
Real Name: Johnny Appleton
First Appearance: late 1930’s
Affiliation: Slugger (sidekick)
Base: Romeyn Falls/Astro City
Powers: Enhanced athleticism


A national hero that fought during World War II and the Korean War, the All-American was a football star turned super-hero when his uncle used his scientific experiments to change Johnny Appleton into an athletic powerhouse. Fighting injustice overseas as well as back home in Astro City, the All-American’s fate is lost to time. The All-American is usually seen fighting alongside his sidekick, Slugger, the Junior Dynamo.


The All-American’s scientist uncle used his technological understanding to enhance Johnny’s body to become an “athletic paragon”, increasing his strength, stamina and speed to the peak of human potential.

When the All-American can’t reach his targets by hand he usually carries and throws a small grey-football shaped machine which impacts the target and sends shocks of electricity through their body.


In 1943, along with Slugger, he prevented a bank robbery by the Time-Keeper.

He and Slugger had several exploits in the European theater during World War II.

Speculations and Theories

There is conflicting information about the All-American. One report has him being killed by a sniper’s bullet in the Korean War, while Elliot Mills mentions that the All-American along with the Lamplighter retired in 1959. That suggests the possibility that someone else, possibly a grown-up Slugger, donned the costume and assumed the role of the All-American for a handful of years following Appleton, the original All-American’s death.

There is a possible link between the All-American and Slugger being involved in the the Commando K Project and U.S. Government covert operations.

The All-American

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