American Chibi


Status: Active
Real Name: Marguerite Li
Species: Human
First Appearance: 2012
Affiliation: Honor Guard (honorary)
Base: Astro City
Powers: Flight, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength

American Star is the alias of Marguerite Li, one of the newest superheroes in Astro City and the most recent member of the Honor Guard. Overly exuberant, loud, and energetic, she is also the youngest member. Her powers are derived from a pair of magical scrunchie, the last remnants of American Chibi, a video game hero made manifest by the Unbodied.


Marguerite Li is a video game designer originally from San Francisco. Working for a company called Pixelpac, she was under pressure to develop a new game concept with fantastic ideas. However, she felt her designs should come to fruition on their own and not through the prodding of a development cycle so she left and came to live in Astro City where her game could be inspired by the local heroes.

Around the same time, American Chibi burst on to the super hero scene. Four feet tall, full of spunk, and sporting an enormous head, she introduced herself by thwarting the Iron Legion‘s plot to steal a Roman amphora with patterns secretly encoded with alien technology. She was the first hero to notice Ambassador Telseth’s doorway on the banks of the Gaines River.

In relatively short time, American Chibi became a household name. In 2015, she was inducted into the Honor Guard, impressing Samaritan, Cleopatra, and others with her tenacity and courage. As her popularity grew, however, so too did her enemies. New villains with terrifying powers, such as Technosaurus Rex and Uberfrog threatened Astro City, claiming to be the mortal enemy of American Chibi. AmericanChiba2.png

These enemies were defeated at high cost, but when the Honor Guard approached to apprehend their enemies, the villains simply vanished. Perplexed, the Honor Guard turned to American Chibi, who lead the heroes to the home of Marguerite Li.

Marguerite Li explained that Technosaurus Rex, Uberfrog, and American Chibi were ideas that she had created for her latest project. Initially, Marguerite believed that American Chibi was doing good, so she kept her origins secret. But when the villains began to manifest, she realized that she would need to reveal herself.

The Honor Guard realized that a villain known as the Unbodied had insinuated itself into Marguerite’s video game and was using the ideas found within to fuel a plan to destroy Astro City. Using a gateway built by Assemblyman, the Honor Guard bridged the gap between the normal world and the video game. Led by American Chibi, they defeated the Unbodied. However, in destroying the Unbodied, the manifestations of Marguerite’s imagination needed to stay behind in the video game in order for the bridge to be closed, including American Chibi. Returned to Astro City, the Honor Guard explained what had happened to Marguerite.

American Chibi’s legacy would not be forgotten. The next day, as Marguerite was preparing to return to San Francisco, she discovered a pair of American flag scrunchies in her dresser, the very same items that gave American Chibi her powers. Somehow, they were left behind after the closing of the bridge. Putting them on, Marguerite took up the mantle of the imprisoned hero she created, becoming American Star.


  • Superhuman Strength: American Chibi is strong enough to destroy concrete, metal, and mystical barriers.
  • Superhuman Speed: American Chibi can travel fast enough to easily outpace any modern vehicle, moving great distances in seconds.
  • Superhuman Endurance: American Chibi is incredibly tough, able to withstand intense punishment with little physical damage.
  • Flight: American Chibi can fly.


Originally, American Chibi appeared as a small anime girl with an enormous head. Her costume was split between red and blue with white lightning bolts and stars. She wore a white sash around her waist.

When Marguerite Li becomes American Chibi, she appears as her normal self: a mid-twenties Chinese girl, except her hair becomes silver. The original Chibi costume manifests itself from the scrunchies she wears.

American Chibi

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