The Confessor (Brian Kinney)


“I don’t have all the advantages my mentor did. So I make my own.”

Status: Active
Real Name: Brian Kinney
First Appearance: 2001
Affiliation: Former sidekick to The Confessor (Jeremiah Parrish)
Base: Grandenetti Cathedral, Astro City
Powers: Criminology, Martial Arts, Technology


Before coming to Astro City, Brian Kinney had been brought up by his single father, a rural doctor. The elder Kinney, always compassionate, treated everyone in the small community who needed his help, even those who were too poor to pay their medical expenses. As a result, he was perceived by some as a sucker who could be taken advantage of, and Brian grew up in miserable economic straits. Brian came to greatly resent his father for this, and he vowed to become someone people respected when he grew up. He vowed to become a superhero.

He spent years preparing for this goal, learning martial arts and doing extensive research. When he reached young adulthood in 1997, he took a one-way bus to Astro City. Hoping to be taken under one of the city’s many heroes’ wing, he took a job at the superhero bar Bruiser’s. Its owner, [[K.O. Carson]], sensed Brian’s goal and referred him to another establishment, Butler’s. This was a more refined eatery, and Mr. Carson knew Brian would be more likely to meet the type of heroes he needed, at a time and situation where they would be more open to recruiting. Thus Brian came to the attentions of The Confessor.

Thus fortune, fate, and a determined effort, blessed Brian with the opportunity to train with one of Astro City’s more illustrious (and perhaps infamous) superheroes. One thing was certain, people respected the Confessor, and respect was the main thing that Brian felt was missing in his and his father’s lives.

It was a magic summer for Brian as his apprenticeship lead to fast advancement and lots of action patrolling the streets and fighting criminals. Among his highlights were helping Crackerjack prove that an imposter had been committing crimes in the very guise of Crackerjack. In addition, he aided the Confessor with the capture of various criminals that ran the gamut from the professional assassin Gunslinger, to simple, petty thieves. But that summer of 1997 turned tragic as first the citizens of Astro City turned on their super-empowered guardians, and then his mentor sacrificed himself to reveal the alien intruders threatening the safety of Astro City and the world.

The very brief career of the Altar Boy went dormant after that tremendous loss, but Brian did not lose focus on his goals. After four years of traveling and training, he took up the mission of his mentor, continuing his crime-fighting career by becoming the new force behind the mask and iconic imagery of the Confessor.


The Confessor lacks the supernatural powers of his predecessor, instead using voice modulators and tricks to inspire fear in the hearts of evil-doers. He is also trained in martial arts, possesses keen detective skills, and maintains a rigorous physical training schedule, including four years of elite fighter training around the world before assuming the full guise of the Confessor.

He also possesses computer hacking skills on a level that would make him among the world’s most advanced, showing technical knowledge sufficient to qualify for highly advanced security systems positions.

In addition to his abilities, The Confessor possesses a number of devices of supernatural or technological origin.

The Confessor (Brian Kinney)

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