Status: Inactive (depowered)
Real Name: Renata Delamare
First Appearance: early 1970s
Affiliation: Apollo Eleven
Base: Unknown, believed to have secret base in northern Plain states
Powers: Hydrokinesis, Liquid Physiology, Flight

Aquarina was a United States astronaut and a member of the Apollo Eleven mission to establish an international moon base. Like the rest of her companions, she returned to Earth changed, given special powers by the Incarnate.

In 1982, after a battle involving Pyramid and Kerresh the Devastator, she lost her powers.

Aquarina was romantically involved with her teammate Kahoutek.


Aquarina’s empowerment left her with a uniquely liquid physiology, allowing her to merge with other fluids change her shape and dimension. In addition, she gained hydrokinetic powers, giving her control over water, including from her own body.

FInally, all members of Apollo Eleven displayed the ability to fly or levitate. However it is unknown if they possessed these powers individually or if they were granted by one particular member.


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