Status: Unknown
Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: mid 1970’s
Affiliation: Astro City Irregulars
Base: Astro City Sewers
Powers: Super Strength, Unique Physiology


Alligator used to live in the sewers of Astro City until it was recruited by Bravo, sidekick of El Hombre, to join the Astro City Irregulars. The Irregulars are a local group of ex-villains and outcasts who fight for the citizens of Astro City while proving themselves to a thankless world. Alligator hasn’t been seen since the dark ages.


Alligator is a humanoid alligator who is covered in thick green scales, a long snout, claws and rows of teeth. Despite this, it can effectively communicate and cooperate with it’s team members.

Alligator has considerable amounts of strength, picking up and throwing large objects like streetlamps.


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